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See life through your child’s eyes.

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Dear NAME,

Do you have a strong-willed child and feel like you are walking on eggshells?  Do you worry what will set him off?  Do you get anxious just thinking about setting limits or saying “no”?  I get it.  And there is a way to walk into an enjoyable, fun, nourishing relationship with your child.

I want to introduce you to my friend Sonali Vongchusiri. She has brought together leading experts to help you get to know your child again, to really see through his or her eyes and understand what they really need from you. I am happy to be one of the experts she interviewed. Let me share little bit about Sonali.

Sonali has 3 kids.  Her eldest is a sensitive, strong-willed child.   To say that just a few years ago Sonali and her son were struggling is a serious understatement.  He wanted what he wanted when he wanted it.  He was beating up his brother, would wake in the morning screaming and it would continue throughout the day.  Sonali felt stuck, embarrassed, ashamed and alone. She never knew what would set him off.   She knew she wanted something different for her family, but all the things she tried didn’t work.   She secretly wished she could just run away from it all.  Then, she decided that she was going to do things her own way.  She embraced her child, her family and herself in a way she didn’t even know was possible.  She learned how to understand her child and see the goodness in his choices and express that to him.  And…magically…things completely changed.  Now that she has seen the huge shift in her family, she has committed to help others do the same. 

Raising Your Strong-Willed Child: How to Give Up the Guilt, Step Out of Overwhelm, and Rediscover the Joy in Parenting is a free virtual event that was created to bring together over 20 experts from around the globe to help you truly, deeply, fully understand your child. Get practical, easy strategies to implement in your life now to make wonderful, positive steps toward a relationship with your child that just feels good. 

Each expert offers a tool you can use today in your home. Each tool takes just minutes to apply, and you can even track your experience in a downloadable worksheet. 

Does this sound good to you? I thought it might. Go here to join me, Sonali and the other experts for this life-changing event. It begins on May 12th, 2019. All you have to do is register here (add your link)

If you are ready to discover practical (and unexpected) ways to put an end to the chaos, and rebuild a powerful relationship with your child…take that first step and reserve your spot for Raising Your Strong-Willed Child.

Are you ready to be supported and choose to do things differently? Then register here (add your link).

See you there,


PS- I am not only speaking at this event, but I am attending too! JOIN ME (add your link), and tell me what you thought of my interview!

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Social Media copy

Version 1

Hey all...wanna really understand what it’s like for your strong-willed child in their world? Want easy simple strategies to start connecting with your child in a way they feel seen, heard and understood?  Then click the link and reserve your seat to receive over 20 interviews with experts from around the globe to inspire and support you! Please share with friends, family or anyone that you think would benefit! See you there!

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Version 2

If you’re raising a strong-willed child, you likely experience so many emotions, daily: you love your kid. You want the world for them. It’s just that their out-of-control behavior can be so overwhelming and frustrating. You simultaneously want to connect with your child and dread your time together.  (It’s ok.  I promise!)

My friend Sonali Vongchusiri is on a mission to help you reconnect with your child and really understand what’s going on.

She’s hosting a FREE online interview series, featuring me and over 20 other experts, Raising Your Strong-Willed Child: How to give up the guilt, step out of overwhelm, and rediscover the joy in parenting.

You can reserve your spot at no cost, here: (add your link)

It’s time to get back to the relationship with your child you know, love, and remember.

Version 3

This could be the moment … the moment you decide to take action to reconnect with your child! Sign up here to join us for Raising Your Strong-Willed Child: How to give up the guilt, step out of overwhelm, and rediscover the joy in parenting: (add your link)

Register to listen in on this series of powerful conversations, you’ll hear from more than 20 experts, including me, about specific actions you can take to get back to the relationship with your child you know, love, and remember…so you can enjoy parenting again!

It IS possible for you to stand shoulder to shoulder with your child, to understand him, and to rediscover the joy in your relationship. 

This is your chance to move out of chaos, for both of you, and for your whole family!

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